Meet the Seiple Family

The Seiple Family

Greetings, Beloved Community!!  We are the Seiple Family:  Mom (Robin), Dad (Tom), Kat (19), Tobin (14), and Oliver (8).  We love the Lord and His people and long to serve them well! 

As for us old folks, Tom grew up in Pennsylvania and Robin in Idaho.  We met in the Navy and were stationed in Norfolk for much of our enlistment; we each served just short of a full decade.  We traded the beach in Virginia for the cornfields of Indiana just 6 years ago and have homeschooled for 11 years.  Tom works in the medical field from home while Robin is the primary teacher in their homeschool.  We make dating each other regularly and connecting nightly a high priority (though there have been seasons where this is less possible!).

Kat just graduated from high school.  (Side note to younger parents:  You can do this!!  No, they will not be forever ruined by repeating a year of math or taking some time to step away from academics when needed – God will fill in the gaps!!).  She is a vivacious, fun, and thoughtful young adult with a zest for life.  In the fall, she will be attending IUPUI in the honors program working toward a Bachelors of Social Work degree.  She is currently working part time at the library in Fishers (perfect for her because she is a voracious reader) and is looking forward to joining both Christian and Social Justice clubs at IUPUI once they reopen.  For fun, she enjoys running, hiking, drawing, and writing poetry. 

Tobin (Tom + Robin) is entering his freshman year of high school. He is a funny, charming, and bold young man.  He enjoys public speaking, debating (*sigh*), singing, and acting and has played several characters in the IRT’s A Christmas Carol as well as roles in Agape’s Newsies and The Sound of Music.  He loves being out in nature and  regularly attends a local wilderness school with his brother to learn survival skills such as fire and shelter building and foraging. He takes after his dad as a wonderful cook, and cooking Italian cuisine is his specialty.

Oliver is moving up to 3rd grade this year. He is a bundle of affectionate and nurturing sweetness.  As the baby of the family, he still crawls into mom and dad’s bed for morning cuddles and has to blow kisses before bed each night.  Reading, math, and science are among his favorite subjects, and he claims he will one day be “a mathematician, an engineer, and a scientist.” He loves helping dad tinker with his car and working on projects around the house. He enjoys playing board games, especially when he wins, and he asks to play Minecraft and Prodigy incessantly.

As a family, we cherish connection around our dinner table every evening and traveling near and far whenever the Lord permits! We are honored and humbled God called us to be a part of the Beloved Community Co-op, and we are excited for all He has in store for us!

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