Meet the Sinn Family

The Sinn Family

Hello community of people who want to love and be loved.  We are the Sinn family: Lindsay and Abram and our two amazing daughters, Aislynn (12) and Kaydence (almost 11).  We are an adventure seeking family who love to travel, meet new people and explore new places, and are always up to try new foods (as long as there is a vegetarian option).

Abram grew up in Bloomington, IN and after much exploring and growing ended up back here in Indiana where he is now a Marriage and Family Therapist, a budding beekeeper, our coffee roaster, handyman, instigator of all spontaneous adventures, lover of all things fun, an outstanding man, friend, spouse, and father.  If you can’t find him, he may be riding his lawn mower really fast and listening to a podcast or some awesome music and looking forward to making you a drink whether it’s a lemon shake up or a martini.  

Lindsay grew up in MN and found her way into the heart of a man from IN.  She is a physical therapist, administrative specialist for mental health professionals, organizer of all the things, and an aspiring homesteader.  Her love of family and connection make homeschooling and working a reality.  If you can’t find her, she is probably outside in her garden or cuddling a chicken, creating a delicious meal in the kitchen with her kids, or basking in nature with a book from her rocking chair on the porch.  

Aislynn is a twelve year old curious soul.  She is always moving, thinking faster than anyone else in her family, is always up for a game of Exploding Kittens, and loves with arms wide open.  She has learned to care for two goats in the last year, continued her work on the violin, and has found a million new ways to love nature.  If you can’t find her, she is probably making you a cake, cookie, or a cupcake or creating a new kind of slime.

Kaydence is our ten year old compassionate and insightful soul.  She is always thinking, feeling, and considering all the ways to love you.  If she isn’t swimming or reading, she is cuddling her new kitten (one of four barn cats) and always ready for a game of chess.  She has spent the last year learning about life on a small farm, continued her work on the cello, and has found a million allergens in the woods.  If you can’t find her, she is perhaps writing another story, enjoying her fairy garden, or researching a new recipe to make in the kitchen.

Our family enjoys hosting gatherings at our home, bringing all those we love and support together and creating space for people to just be who they are and be celebrated.  If we are not working on a home improvement project and you can’t find us, we are driving across town for the best doughnut, pho, curry, sushi, or we may even be lost in Costco.  Don’t worry, we will be back soon!

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