Meet the Wiggins Family

The Wiggins Family

Hello!  We are the Wiggins family, and we are excited to get to know all of you.  We are entering our 13th year of homeschooling.  We are Andy & Angie and our 3 delightful teenagers Sarah Grace (16 . . . almost 17), Anna (16), and Caroline (15).  We live in Brownsburg and attend One Fellowship Church.  As a family, we love to explore cities, eat at fun restaurants, and enjoy movie nights together.  And with a household of teenage girls, we enjoy long conversations about any topic under the sun : )

Andy teaches Government, Economics, and International Relations at North Central High School.  On the side, he also offers career counseling to teenagers, college students, and adults.  He is fortunate to have two jobs that he enjoys! He has the gift of encouragement, so working with teenagers suits him well.  His other loves include Peanut M&Ms, comic books, and reading.

Angie and Andy met when they were both teachers at North Central.  Since becoming a Mom, she has taught in other capacities — primarily her own girls at home, but also tutoring, teaching at homeschool co-ops and English online to students in China.  Her ideal day includes lemonade with extra ice, her hammock, a stack of books, and plenty of time to cook dinner.

Sarah Grace is entering her senior year.  An artist to the core, you will often find her painting, drawing, doodling, or imagining.  She also loves kids and works at Brightly Art Studio as an instructor for children’s art classes.  She is also the newest hostess at the Brownsburg Bob Evans!  She is thoughtfully passionate about many topics and would love to be a philosopher in a field of flowers — if only that was a paid position : )  She hopes to attend IUPUI next year as an Art Education major.

Anna will be a junior this year.  Anna is a people person through and through.  She loves them deeply and serves generously.  If you are looking for her, just find the nearest baby!  She is happiest with babies in her arms and toddlers at her feet.  Anna enjoys relationships and deep conversations. Anna is passionate about social justice and constantly seeks to encourage the people who need it most.  She plans to be a therapist for children who have experienced trauma.

Caroline, a sophomore, loves to think about big ideas.  She’s usually thinking about the answers to life’s big questions or quirky mysteries. She loves science, math, and business.  Her vocational goals change frequently, but currently, she hopes to major in neuroscience to design devices that will help people in some way.  She enjoys building and drawing and hanging out with friends. Caroline seeks out fun and adventure; heights, speed, and risk make her happy!  She also loves her job at the Whitestown Chick-fil-a;  if you go through the drive-thru or pick up a mobile order, you may see her smiling face!

Beloved Community is an answer to our family’s prayers.  We look forward to seeing what God will do through this group.

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