Meet the Lewis Family

The Lewis Family

Hello Beloved Community village! We are the Lewis family: Robert, Jr. (dad), Charity (mom), Robert, III (11), Ruby (10), and Joseph (8), who’d like to be known to the co-op as Joshy (short for his middle name, Joseph). Robert and Ruby are in the 6th grade and currently attend Vanguard Collegiate Academy and Joseph will be in 3rd grade in the co-op.

Our family lives southeast in Warren Township. Robert and Charity have been married for 17 years. They met at Bible study during their undergrad years, and previously served in ministry, but have been resting and reconstructing their faith in this season as they prepare whatever God may have next.

Robert is a private on the Indianapolis Fire Department and volunteers with the Indianapolis Black Firefighters Association. He is also a Master of Divinity candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary and has a heart to minister to men. Robert also continues to pursue his first passion as a videographer during high school football and basketball seasons. If you’re catching a Friday night game on the Family Broadcasting network, he’s likely behind one of the cameras. In his free time, Robert loves to live out his life of worship by playing the drums and has recently taken up bass guitar. When he’s not engaged with his family, Robert is likely watching football or wrestling with close friends.

Charity is the Executive Director of Youth Empowered, Inc. She pursues her passion for fairness by advocating for social justice, for marginalized and underserved persons, especially vulnerable children and youth. Charity is also a court appointed child advocate and participates in violence prevention efforts in Indianapolis. In the fall, Charity will be pursuing a doctorate in Transformative Social Change at Saybrook University. In her free time, Charity enjoys a steamy cup of espresso with white chocolate mocha or black tea with steamed lemonade, a good book, podcasting, birding, repeats of Law & Order, and learning to cook new, international recipes for her family.

Robert, III, is a brilliant mind. He loves to study weather science and world history. He can tell you about the weather in multiple geographical points on any given day as well as breakdown the cause of any major war in history. He quickly and meticulously completes any Marvel Superheroes Lego build, creates mansions with swimming pools and sustainable farms in Minecraft, and loves to play Roblox too. He wants to be an architect or an engineer when he grows up.

Ruby is a very creative soul. She can literally create something out of nothing, from doll dresses out of old socks to homemade Thai noodles. Ruby loves to paint beautiful canvasses and bake cookies. She’s learning to sail, too. Ruby dreams of putting all her loves of life together as a chef who owns a restaurant, displays her art on its walls, and sets sail around the world during her downtime.

Joshy knows he’s “big brained,” is enthralled with science and always inquisitive about the world around him. He’s also an outspoken advocate for himself who has had his own life plan since he was five years old, which includes being a pastor and having a mini-bus sized family.  He loves the Paw Patrol but is just as excited as his older brother about Minecraft and Legos. He’s learning how to grow his own food in a bed in the backyard, enjoys taking walks with mommy, and reading Cat Kid books.

The Lewis family loves to travel together to enjoy nature sights and amusement and have hopes of finding a balance between being world schoolers and enjoying their quiet home surrounded by beautiful blue and green spaces.

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