Meet the Wood Family

The Wood Family

Hello, our dear Beloved Community! We are the Wood family! We are beginning our fourth year as a homeschool family and SO thankful and excited to be joining and investing in this community!

We have been a foster family for the past 6 years and currently our family includes Chelsea (mom), Josh (dad), Naomi (10), Jonah (8), Aiden (6), Big D (3), Big R (2), and Baby B (9 mos). Our family has changed since the picture posted above and will likely change again within the next few weeks as Big R returns home to his mom. So always feel free to ask who is with us if you can’t keep track (we sometimes feel like we can’t keep track ourselves, ha!). 

Chelsea and Josh met at Grace College and have been married for 15 years. Prior to moving to Indianapolis three years ago, they spent eleven years in the LA and Denver areas, living and working on college campuses as Resident Directors.  Now Josh is a high school Spanish teacher at Christel House Watanabe High School at Manual and working on his doctorate in Language, Culture, and Literacy Education at Indiana University. Josh loves watching football, visiting any playground or skatepark with the kids, cooking good food, and skiing in the mountains whenever he gets the chance! Chelsea homeschools the oldest three kids and manages all that goes along with being a foster family. Chelsea is a life-long learner who loves quality time with friends (both old and new), reading books, hiking, and sleeping!

Naomi is our in-residence artist. She is always up for learning a new art method or craft project, and even leads her own online art club for her friends called Learning Through Art (LTA). Naomi also loves socializing; spending time with neighbors, extended family and friends is her love language.

Jonah is into all things Star Wars. His current favorite activity includes building Star Wars Lego sets and using them to make stop action movies. He is hoping to set up his own YouTube channel soon. He also loves to create his own languages and make movies with his neighborhood friends. 

Aiden is our deep thinking analyst and athlete. He loves to ask questions to figure out the why and how behind anything that interests him! He loves skateboarding and rollerblading. He also loves playing video games any chance he gets. We call Aiden ‘Day 2’ because most any time he tries something new he spends the first day trying and thinking it all through, spends that night analyzing and figuring out how to do it better, and then on the second day he does it like he has always been able to! He has done this with riding a bike without training wheels, water skiing, skateboarding tricks, backflips and just about any other athletic maneuver.

Big D has been with us for seven months. He is a sweetheart who loves helping any chance he gets. He loves watching shows, and acting out all he learns about being a ninja/Power Ranger. If ever you need your day brightened, just find Big D and offer him anything, we promise you will get a very enthusiastic and endearing response that will guarantee to bring a smile to your face!

Big R has been placed with us twice for a total of 18 months. He is a smart little guy who has an incredible vocabulary. He loves to read books, play with cars, and talk about dinosaurs. He also loves being outside anytime he can to play and ride his bike!

Baby B has been with us for seven months and is the most content and laid back baby we have ever had! She loves to smile and show off her two teeth. She will eat anything you put in front of her and is just beginning to learn to crawl. She can often be found sitting in a room watching the chaos involved with her siblings playing all around her. 

As a family, we love board games, family movie nights with dad’s homemade popcorn, and having friends and family over for meals! We also love to travel and explore nature when circumstances allow. We are looking forward to adventuring on field trips and through life with all of you! ❤ 

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