Family Feature: Meet the Moxey Family

The Moxey Family

Greetings Beloved Co-op!

We are the Moxey Family and we have been so happy to be a part of the co-op. We live in Broad Ripple and have lived in Indianapolis since 2008. We have two daughters, Lucia (13) who you might know already and Josephine (15) who attends school at Damar Freeway Academy through DOE placement. 

Steve and Jennifer met at Indiana University – Bloomington while Steve was a leader of the Christian Musicians’ Fellowship there during undergrad and we have been together since 2004. Together we run Moxey Test Prep, a tutoring service offering online classes for the SAT and ACT. 

We have been members of Soma Church Midtown since 2014. Our family interests include traveling abroad, watching cooking and baking shows, watching the neighborhood squirrels, and taking long walks around Broad Ripple. We were initially “covid” homeschoolers, but so far it seems to be the right thing again for Lucia this year. 

Josephine, Lucia’s older sister who doesn’t attend the co-op, loves to swing, listen to music, sing, and swim. One fun fact about Josephine is that she has probably watched “Finding Nemo” over 1500 times and might have broken the Guinness World Record for that. Her main diagnosis is autism and severe intellectual disability. Josephine is in the process of undergoing genetic testing for the latest findings in mutations and genetic syndromes.

Lucia has loved making friends in the co-op! She takes classes at home through online platforms and a few classes at IUPUI. Her passions include mathematics, economics, business, cooking, acting, dance, and comedy writing. She’s a fan of “The Office Ladies” podcast and hopes to make it as a guest fan on an episode.

We are looking forward to getting to know everyone this year!!

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