Tuition & Fees

Membership Fees per 14 week semester*

2 semesters per year: Fall and Spring

  • $150 — 1st Child
  • $75 — 2nd Child
  • $50 — 3rd Child
  • $35 — Junior Sibling Membership (5 years old and under) in Nursery
  • Family Membership Fee Max of $275

A registration deposit consists of $50, which will ultimately be applied toward the Membership Fees, plus the background check fees (to be renewed every 3 years). This deposit must be submitted to reserve a family spot.

If participating in the drop off program, Membership Fees will be tripled (a limited number of families will be allowed to drop off due to extenuating circumstances).

Additional expenses will include:

  • $30 — Supply Fee per family per semester
  • Fees for materials such as books are excluded

We do not want finances to be a deterrent to participating in Beloved Community Co-op! We also offer the following options:

  • Payment Plan option is available, if needed
  • Sliding Scale Scholarships are available based on financial need of family

*Fees are subject to change if deemed necessary at the discretion of the board.

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