Beloved Community Co-op

Family Feature: Meet the Moxey Family

The Moxey Family

Greetings Beloved Co-op!

We are the Moxey Family and we have been so happy to be a part of the co-op. We live in Broad Ripple and have lived in Indianapolis since 2008. We have two daughters, Lucia (13) who you might know already and Josephine (15) who attends school at Damar Freeway Academy through DOE placement. 

Steve and Jennifer met at Indiana University – Bloomington while Steve was a leader of the Christian Musicians’ Fellowship there during undergrad and we have been together since 2004. Together we run Moxey Test Prep, a tutoring service offering online classes for the SAT and ACT. 

We have been members of Soma Church Midtown since 2014. Our family interests include traveling abroad, watching cooking and baking shows, watching the neighborhood squirrels, and taking long walks around Broad Ripple. We were initially “covid” homeschoolers, but so far it seems to be the right thing again for Lucia this year. 

Josephine, Lucia’s older sister who doesn’t attend the co-op, loves to swing, listen to music, sing, and swim. One fun fact about Josephine is that she has probably watched “Finding Nemo” over 1500 times and might have broken the Guinness World Record for that. Her main diagnosis is autism and severe intellectual disability. Josephine is in the process of undergoing genetic testing for the latest findings in mutations and genetic syndromes.

Lucia has loved making friends in the co-op! She takes classes at home through online platforms and a few classes at IUPUI. Her passions include mathematics, economics, business, cooking, acting, dance, and comedy writing. She’s a fan of “The Office Ladies” podcast and hopes to make it as a guest fan on an episode.

We are looking forward to getting to know everyone this year!!

Meet the Manuel Family

The Manuel Family

Hello everyone! 

What a blessed privilege to share with our Beloved Community Family a little about the “Manuel Bunch”!

We were called by God to move to Indianapolis just a year ago where my husband, Kenneth Manuel, became the senior pastor of the 25th Street Baptist Church in the Flanner House community.  This move to Indy allowed us as a family to continue to pursue our desire to homeschool our seventeen-year-old son Kenneth Manuel (aka “Deuce”) while our only daughter Kenedy attends Taylor University as a freshman in Upland, Indiana. We have homeschooled both kids from the beginning. All Glory to God!  Kenedy loves to write poetry and play the ukulele. “Deuce” loves to play basketball, dance and sing. His dance moves are “drip!” Lol!

Indianapolis has a special place in our hearts because our beginnings, our roots, and our extended family live right here!  All of us were born or raised in “Naptown.”  Very grateful to be back here living and taking care of my mom in this season of her life.

As a family, we love playing card games and board games. Just being together around the dinner table is a special time of laughter and appreciating how God is growing us up in Him.

We are all blessed to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. And as the Bible states in 3 John 4: “I could have no greater JOY than to hear that my children (Family) are following the truth.” This is our greatest legacy as a family, to know we are all a part of the greatest family…The Kingdom Family of God.

Meet the Wood Family

The Wood Family

Hello, our dear Beloved Community! We are the Wood family! We are beginning our fourth year as a homeschool family and SO thankful and excited to be joining and investing in this community!

We have been a foster family for the past 6 years and currently our family includes Chelsea (mom), Josh (dad), Naomi (10), Jonah (8), Aiden (6), Big D (3), Big R (2), and Baby B (9 mos). Our family has changed since the picture posted above and will likely change again within the next few weeks as Big R returns home to his mom. So always feel free to ask who is with us if you can’t keep track (we sometimes feel like we can’t keep track ourselves, ha!). 

Chelsea and Josh met at Grace College and have been married for 15 years. Prior to moving to Indianapolis three years ago, they spent eleven years in the LA and Denver areas, living and working on college campuses as Resident Directors.  Now Josh is a high school Spanish teacher at Christel House Watanabe High School at Manual and working on his doctorate in Language, Culture, and Literacy Education at Indiana University. Josh loves watching football, visiting any playground or skatepark with the kids, cooking good food, and skiing in the mountains whenever he gets the chance! Chelsea homeschools the oldest three kids and manages all that goes along with being a foster family. Chelsea is a life-long learner who loves quality time with friends (both old and new), reading books, hiking, and sleeping!

Naomi is our in-residence artist. She is always up for learning a new art method or craft project, and even leads her own online art club for her friends called Learning Through Art (LTA). Naomi also loves socializing; spending time with neighbors, extended family and friends is her love language.

Jonah is into all things Star Wars. His current favorite activity includes building Star Wars Lego sets and using them to make stop action movies. He is hoping to set up his own YouTube channel soon. He also loves to create his own languages and make movies with his neighborhood friends. 

Aiden is our deep thinking analyst and athlete. He loves to ask questions to figure out the why and how behind anything that interests him! He loves skateboarding and rollerblading. He also loves playing video games any chance he gets. We call Aiden ‘Day 2’ because most any time he tries something new he spends the first day trying and thinking it all through, spends that night analyzing and figuring out how to do it better, and then on the second day he does it like he has always been able to! He has done this with riding a bike without training wheels, water skiing, skateboarding tricks, backflips and just about any other athletic maneuver.

Big D has been with us for seven months. He is a sweetheart who loves helping any chance he gets. He loves watching shows, and acting out all he learns about being a ninja/Power Ranger. If ever you need your day brightened, just find Big D and offer him anything, we promise you will get a very enthusiastic and endearing response that will guarantee to bring a smile to your face!

Big R has been placed with us twice for a total of 18 months. He is a smart little guy who has an incredible vocabulary. He loves to read books, play with cars, and talk about dinosaurs. He also loves being outside anytime he can to play and ride his bike!

Baby B has been with us for seven months and is the most content and laid back baby we have ever had! She loves to smile and show off her two teeth. She will eat anything you put in front of her and is just beginning to learn to crawl. She can often be found sitting in a room watching the chaos involved with her siblings playing all around her. 

As a family, we love board games, family movie nights with dad’s homemade popcorn, and having friends and family over for meals! We also love to travel and explore nature when circumstances allow. We are looking forward to adventuring on field trips and through life with all of you! ❤ 

Meet the Nunn Family

Tonya and Jerome Nunn

Tonya is a Beloved Community Co-op Board Member. She is a true believer in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

In her years of educational training, she has received a bachelor’s degree from Anderson University in Information Systems, an MBA with a concentration in Health Care Administration from Indiana Wesleyan, and an Associates in Nursing from Ivy Tech. She and her husband, Jerome, have a blended family consisting of 4 adult children and 1 son who is completing his senior year in high school.

Tonya has a passion for instilling in children that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), that God loves each and every one of them and they are “created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians‬ ‭2:10‬). With love, encouragement, and the proper “training,” Tonya believes that children will learn to love God, themselves, and others.

Meet the Sanders Family

The Sanders Family

Hello, Beloved Co-op!   We are the Sanders family, and we love living downtown Indy.  Our family consists of Rod (Dad), Christa (Mom), and Saebella (8th grade – who wants to be known as Bella in the co-op).  We also have a set of daycare kiddos that will be with us on Tuesdays: Jack (3), Elle (8 months), and big sis, Adeleine (6), who will join us on days her school is out.  

Rod and Christa trained at Crossroads Bible College (where they met!) and have been married 17 years.  We both worked in ministry, including Wheeler Mission’s Family & Youth division, and as missionaries here in Indy’s downtown area until the Lord called us to a time of rest and restoration and reordered our steps. 

Rod has an MBA in Human Resources, works at Coldspring Academy, tutors math on the side, does Human Resources consulting, and is working to finish his bookkeeping certificate.  His favorite side hobbies are sports in general, but football and track in particular. 

Christa runs an in-home daycare as her primary job, so our house is filled with baby items, giggles, and naps Monday through Friday.  She also works part time as an Executive Administrative Assistant for Iibada Dance Company.  The other side “job” is writing curriculum about the untold stories of African Americans and helping to facilitate conversation and understanding of the issues of race in America.  Hobbies include learning about anything new, research, life hacks, music, and cooking shows.  

Saebella (14 in September) is in 8th grade and is passionate about science, writing novellas, and dance!  She is athletic and picks up on most things very quickly.  She loves learning new languages and last school year was learning 4.  She has interests in the medical field (genetics & chemistry, in particular), NASA, the arts (dance & music), writing & communications, and Sociology, as well as sleuthing.  

We have been working toward building a homeschool community like BCC for 4 years and are DELIGHTED to see our dream fulfilled, especially as we enter the high school years!

Meet the Wade Family

The Wade Family

Hello!  We are the Wade family, and I’ll bet we’re driving farther than anyone else to join this co-op!  We live in the small town of Linton, Indiana in Greene County.  We’ll be driving 2+ hours each way to meet with you all, but this co-op is truly an answer to our prayers and we think that it will definitely be worth the time on the road.

We are a foster family and for the moment our family consists of Brandy (mom), Logan (dad), River (13), Willow (9), Naomi (8), and Zander (4), but you never know when we might show up with someone extra. 

Brandy is a photographer and a Court Appointed Special Advocate.  Logan is a graphic designer.  He is also the facility director at Rebuilt Recovery and Discipleship, an addiction recovery center in Bloomfield, Indiana.  We attend church at Rebuilt Ministries where Logan is an elder and much of the congregation has a criminal history and many are currently battling drug and alcohol addiction.  Between foster care, CASA , the recovery center and our church we spend much of our time in the trenches with our friends and watching Christ change lives.  

River is our biological son and is 13 years old. He loves math, editing videos, playing the ukulele, attending youth group, and is interested in engineering.  He is dyslexic and struggles to read aloud, but is doing very well in every other area. He is super friendly and great with younger children.  He recently started leading the children at our church, teaching Bible lessons to 8 – 10 kids for an hour at a time. 

Willow was adopted from Harar, Ethiopia and is 9 years old.  She loves to read nonfiction, especially books about powerful women throughout history.  In her free time she loves coloring and crafting.  She also enjoys science. 

Naomi was adopted from Dire Dawa, Ethiopia and is 8 years old.  She loves gymnastics, playing outside and excels at pretty much any physical activity.  We joke that she is the strongest person in our house.  She loves to make new friends. 

Zander is 4 and has been with our family for almost 3 years.  We will be adopting him in the very near future!  He can’t wait to make new friends “at school” and loves trains, tractors, cars and playing outside. 

We are so looking forward to getting to know all of you soon! 

Meet the Lewis Family

The Lewis Family

Hello Beloved Community village! We are the Lewis family: Robert, Jr. (dad), Charity (mom), Robert, III (11), Ruby (10), and Joseph (8), who’d like to be known to the co-op as Joshy (short for his middle name, Joseph). Robert and Ruby are in the 6th grade and currently attend Vanguard Collegiate Academy and Joseph will be in 3rd grade in the co-op.

Our family lives southeast in Warren Township. Robert and Charity have been married for 17 years. They met at Bible study during their undergrad years, and previously served in ministry, but have been resting and reconstructing their faith in this season as they prepare whatever God may have next.

Robert is a private on the Indianapolis Fire Department and volunteers with the Indianapolis Black Firefighters Association. He is also a Master of Divinity candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary and has a heart to minister to men. Robert also continues to pursue his first passion as a videographer during high school football and basketball seasons. If you’re catching a Friday night game on the Family Broadcasting network, he’s likely behind one of the cameras. In his free time, Robert loves to live out his life of worship by playing the drums and has recently taken up bass guitar. When he’s not engaged with his family, Robert is likely watching football or wrestling with close friends.

Charity is the Executive Director of Youth Empowered, Inc. She pursues her passion for fairness by advocating for social justice, for marginalized and underserved persons, especially vulnerable children and youth. Charity is also a court appointed child advocate and participates in violence prevention efforts in Indianapolis. In the fall, Charity will be pursuing a doctorate in Transformative Social Change at Saybrook University. In her free time, Charity enjoys a steamy cup of espresso with white chocolate mocha or black tea with steamed lemonade, a good book, podcasting, birding, repeats of Law & Order, and learning to cook new, international recipes for her family.

Robert, III, is a brilliant mind. He loves to study weather science and world history. He can tell you about the weather in multiple geographical points on any given day as well as breakdown the cause of any major war in history. He quickly and meticulously completes any Marvel Superheroes Lego build, creates mansions with swimming pools and sustainable farms in Minecraft, and loves to play Roblox too. He wants to be an architect or an engineer when he grows up.

Ruby is a very creative soul. She can literally create something out of nothing, from doll dresses out of old socks to homemade Thai noodles. Ruby loves to paint beautiful canvasses and bake cookies. She’s learning to sail, too. Ruby dreams of putting all her loves of life together as a chef who owns a restaurant, displays her art on its walls, and sets sail around the world during her downtime.

Joshy knows he’s “big brained,” is enthralled with science and always inquisitive about the world around him. He’s also an outspoken advocate for himself who has had his own life plan since he was five years old, which includes being a pastor and having a mini-bus sized family.  He loves the Paw Patrol but is just as excited as his older brother about Minecraft and Legos. He’s learning how to grow his own food in a bed in the backyard, enjoys taking walks with mommy, and reading Cat Kid books.

The Lewis family loves to travel together to enjoy nature sights and amusement and have hopes of finding a balance between being world schoolers and enjoying their quiet home surrounded by beautiful blue and green spaces.

Meet the Wiggins Family

The Wiggins Family

Hello!  We are the Wiggins family, and we are excited to get to know all of you.  We are entering our 13th year of homeschooling.  We are Andy & Angie and our 3 delightful teenagers Sarah Grace (16 . . . almost 17), Anna (16), and Caroline (15).  We live in Brownsburg and attend One Fellowship Church.  As a family, we love to explore cities, eat at fun restaurants, and enjoy movie nights together.  And with a household of teenage girls, we enjoy long conversations about any topic under the sun : )

Andy teaches Government, Economics, and International Relations at North Central High School.  On the side, he also offers career counseling to teenagers, college students, and adults.  He is fortunate to have two jobs that he enjoys! He has the gift of encouragement, so working with teenagers suits him well.  His other loves include Peanut M&Ms, comic books, and reading.

Angie and Andy met when they were both teachers at North Central.  Since becoming a Mom, she has taught in other capacities — primarily her own girls at home, but also tutoring, teaching at homeschool co-ops and English online to students in China.  Her ideal day includes lemonade with extra ice, her hammock, a stack of books, and plenty of time to cook dinner.

Sarah Grace is entering her senior year.  An artist to the core, you will often find her painting, drawing, doodling, or imagining.  She also loves kids and works at Brightly Art Studio as an instructor for children’s art classes.  She is also the newest hostess at the Brownsburg Bob Evans!  She is thoughtfully passionate about many topics and would love to be a philosopher in a field of flowers — if only that was a paid position : )  She hopes to attend IUPUI next year as an Art Education major.

Anna will be a junior this year.  Anna is a people person through and through.  She loves them deeply and serves generously.  If you are looking for her, just find the nearest baby!  She is happiest with babies in her arms and toddlers at her feet.  Anna enjoys relationships and deep conversations. Anna is passionate about social justice and constantly seeks to encourage the people who need it most.  She plans to be a therapist for children who have experienced trauma.

Caroline, a sophomore, loves to think about big ideas.  She’s usually thinking about the answers to life’s big questions or quirky mysteries. She loves science, math, and business.  Her vocational goals change frequently, but currently, she hopes to major in neuroscience to design devices that will help people in some way.  She enjoys building and drawing and hanging out with friends. Caroline seeks out fun and adventure; heights, speed, and risk make her happy!  She also loves her job at the Whitestown Chick-fil-a;  if you go through the drive-thru or pick up a mobile order, you may see her smiling face!

Beloved Community is an answer to our family’s prayers.  We look forward to seeing what God will do through this group.

Meet the McColgin Family

Hello new friends! We’re the McColgins! Scott, Angela, Piper (8…almost 9) and Lydia (4…almost 5).  (We celebrate two birthdays next week!).  We’re a big table family.  There is always room for one more around our table to eat a meal, share a conversation, or play a board game! The pandemic brought us to home-schooling and we loved it so much we decided to stay.

Scott is the Director of Video Production at our church.  He tells amazing stories through video about what God is doing in our church family both here and around the world. He also oversees the live video team that is a part of our Sunday morning worship.  When he’s not behind the camera you might find him playing something from his large collection of board games, watching a movie, or riding his bike.  Scott loves a good campfire and has grown to appreciate the joys of hammock camping.  

Angela loves to host people for meals and cooking for others is her love language.  She hasn’t yet found a recipe she isn’t willing to tackle and you can often find her in the kitchen baking, cooking, canning, or reading a cookbook for inspiration.  Angela completed her zoology degree from Ball State University (where she and Scott met and fell in love) and spent seven years working for the Indianapolis Zoo before becoming a full time SAHM.  During her career with the zoo she took animals to schools for educational programs, wrote educational graphics for animal exhibits throughout the zoo, met conservationists from around the globe and got up close with some spectacular animals.  She still loves to spend time outdoors marveling at all God has made for us to enjoy.

Piper, starting 4th grade this year, is a lover of sports, baking, writing books, art projects and her new hoverboard.  She and Scott play a lot of board games together.  Her current favorites are Marvel United and Wingspan. Piper is always willing to try something new, a lover of people and quick to laugh!  Currently, she thinks she wants to be a fashion designer, but President of the United States or sea lion trainer are also future career options.

Lydia, starting Kindergarten this year, is our funny girl.  She’s learning to tell jokes and we are rarely in the car for more than five minutes before she’s saying “knock-knock” from the back seat.  Lydia’s favorite food is chocolate and she thinks candy is one of the major food groups.  She learned to ride a bike this year and she’s quick to make friends. She loves animals and takes great pride in caring for her betta fish Olaf.

Finding a community of people to do home school with is an answer to prayer and we are excited to see what God will do through the Beloved Community!

Meet the Sinn Family

The Sinn Family

Hello community of people who want to love and be loved.  We are the Sinn family: Lindsay and Abram and our two amazing daughters, Aislynn (12) and Kaydence (almost 11).  We are an adventure seeking family who love to travel, meet new people and explore new places, and are always up to try new foods (as long as there is a vegetarian option).

Abram grew up in Bloomington, IN and after much exploring and growing ended up back here in Indiana where he is now a Marriage and Family Therapist, a budding beekeeper, our coffee roaster, handyman, instigator of all spontaneous adventures, lover of all things fun, an outstanding man, friend, spouse, and father.  If you can’t find him, he may be riding his lawn mower really fast and listening to a podcast or some awesome music and looking forward to making you a drink whether it’s a lemon shake up or a martini.  

Lindsay grew up in MN and found her way into the heart of a man from IN.  She is a physical therapist, administrative specialist for mental health professionals, organizer of all the things, and an aspiring homesteader.  Her love of family and connection make homeschooling and working a reality.  If you can’t find her, she is probably outside in her garden or cuddling a chicken, creating a delicious meal in the kitchen with her kids, or basking in nature with a book from her rocking chair on the porch.  

Aislynn is a twelve year old curious soul.  She is always moving, thinking faster than anyone else in her family, is always up for a game of Exploding Kittens, and loves with arms wide open.  She has learned to care for two goats in the last year, continued her work on the violin, and has found a million new ways to love nature.  If you can’t find her, she is probably making you a cake, cookie, or a cupcake or creating a new kind of slime.

Kaydence is our ten year old compassionate and insightful soul.  She is always thinking, feeling, and considering all the ways to love you.  If she isn’t swimming or reading, she is cuddling her new kitten (one of four barn cats) and always ready for a game of chess.  She has spent the last year learning about life on a small farm, continued her work on the cello, and has found a million allergens in the woods.  If you can’t find her, she is perhaps writing another story, enjoying her fairy garden, or researching a new recipe to make in the kitchen.

Our family enjoys hosting gatherings at our home, bringing all those we love and support together and creating space for people to just be who they are and be celebrated.  If we are not working on a home improvement project and you can’t find us, we are driving across town for the best doughnut, pho, curry, sushi, or we may even be lost in Costco.  Don’t worry, we will be back soon!